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Insert Rival is specially developed filling for tubeless MTB rims. It significantly improves riding properties in rough terrains. The main benefit of Insert Rival is absolute protection against punctures and damage of the rims, which can come as an aftermath of the hits they endure during riding. This insert also delivers better support and grip for the rider on every terrain or surface. Insert Rival is made from special technical foam with closed cell structure, which prevents it from soaking up the tubeless sealant. Materials are made-to-measure and combined to be flexible, durable and able to absorb a wide range of impact forces. Next significant benefit is low weight. Overall shape, dimensions and angles are designed specifically for the insert to attach tightly onto the rim. Insert Rival allows you to ride smoother, faster with more sensitive shock absorbtion and better control when riding in a rough terrain.

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27,5'', 29''


25-29 mm, 30mm a viac

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Červená, Čierna, Modrá


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